What Happens When You Stop Taking Complete Keto?

Although the question of being in ketosis often loses relevance for several reasons, such as changes in taste preferences when switching to keto, many, realizing the benefits of ketosis (lack of hunger, increased energy, improved sleep, normalization of hormonal levels and others), prefer to remain in this state for a long time.

Ketosis is restored metabolic flexibility. In this state, your body gains the "tools" to effectively use fat as an additional source of energy, which corresponds to the original programming of our body, which loses this ability due to high carbohydrate intake. This includes new mitochondria and enzymes that do not disappear when you exit ketosis unless you return to old habits.

For those who are not treated, ketosis can be maintained for a long time, research shows that it is safe to continue for at least 5 years. However, for most people, the main goal is to lose weight.

Once you reach your desired weight, there are several options:

  • Continue following the ketogenic diet if it is comfortable and suitable for weight loss.
  • If ketosis is not comfortable after 2-3 months of a strict diet, you can try other options such as a low-carb (LC) or paleo diet.
  • After reaching the desired weight, you can increase carbohydrates to 100-150 g, finding a comfortable balance. A low-carb diet will continue to be beneficial by improving insulin sensitivity.

When changing your diet, you should avoid adding carbohydrates beyond your normal amount of fat to avoid weight gain. The way out of ketosis is simple - increase carbohydrates. It is important to emphasize that getting out of ketosis quickly is not harmful. This may interest you: People's Keto Gummies buy in Australia - official website.

People can move freely from periods of ketosis to periods of ketosis and back again by listening to their needs. This is a natural way of eating that was characteristic of our ancestors. Vacations and holidays are normal, but after adaptation. It is important not to return to old habits and maintain what was gained in ketosis.

The ketogenic diet provides an opportunity to regain dietary flexibility. Periodically staying in ketosis can maintain the results achieved.

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